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Consulting on product applications and energy economics.

Support for lighting planning.

Product trainings
for operation, installation and maintenance of our systems.

Hand crafted to customers specification.

Product designing and development.


 Outdoor and Street Lighting

  Energy saving LED streetlights, public lighting, public garden lanterns, coloured illumination for building, LED lights for contours and architectural lighting of bridges and monuments.

 Solar Light Manufacturing

  German production of solar street light poles and solar park lanterns for different regions, like Arabia, Europe or Russia. Special designs and engineering to customers specification.

 PV Solar Power Supply Systems

  Solar Electricity Generators, Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Water Pumps and Lighting.
Complete sets, consulting or configuration to customers specification.

 Indoor Lighting Fixtures

  LED lighting fittings for hotel, restaurant, office, home, school, shop, shopping mall and store.

 Exhibition Lighting

  Lights for exhibition stand and fair. Aluminium trusses for shops and booth.

 Industry and Hall Lighting

  Lights for warehouse, factory, riding hall and sports hall.
Special projectors waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant, heatproof or coldproof.

 Stage Lighting

  Spotlights, dimmers and light controllers for theatre, multi purpose halls and TV studios.